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RNW Premium Charcoal Mineral Mask 10ea

RNW Premium Charcoal Mineral Mask 10ea

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  • 27g x 10ea
  • It purifies skin exposed to harmful environment for clear-looking skin
  • It uses the bamboo charcoal sheet excellent at the absorption of body wastes, for clean-looking skin
  • Containing the extracts of black berries, black beans, blue berries, and black sesame seeds, it supplies nourishment to skin
  • Black Complex which is the mixture of four extracts(blue berries, black berries, black sesame seeds, black beans) of black food known for the great effects on skin, in the special proportion of RNW, makes skin healthy and beautiful
  • The bamboo charcoal fiber sheet that is made by carbonizing dried bamboo at 800℃ with the use of nano-technology, is helpful for effectively delivering essence to skin for clear-looking skin


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